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Out of rock music?

Are you feeling restricted or bored with the music you have on your devices? Want to listen to new music and discover new bands? Tired of the junk that plays on the countless FM and internet radio stations? Frustrated with services like Grooveshark with their automated ‘similar artist radio’ and trying to figure out how the shit that’s playing is remotely similar to the search?

Time to wake up. Spread the word fellow rockers : seems like our prayers have been answered!

Log on to rockradio.com or download the mobile apps for iPhone or Android or Windows. Select the genre of your liking – there are 40 sub genres of rock and metal music on offer. Dig in and I assure you – you won’t forget the experience. 

Here are a few screenshots of how it looks like on the my phone:



Is this radio different from the others? Surprisingly yes!

1. Quality of songs beats any other station out there. 

2. Stations are curated by a channel director who is an expert in a rock sub genre. No algorithms involved – so no weird or irrelevant song in the stream.

3. Non stop airplay

4. Presence of old classics and all time favorites as well as relatively obscure but kickass modern numbers in almost every genre (Of course this isnt the case for time-specific genres like 70s Rock or 80s Rock, which won’t have modern bands for obvious reasons). The genres are dealt extremely well, both in terms of variety and standard of music. You won’t hear any wannabe or crappy band at all.

5. Only rock and metal – almost no interference from other genres unless they are implicitly involved eg. Progressive Rock (Rock with Classical, Jazz, Funk and Electronic influences) or Rap Rock ( Rap influenced rock).

6. Dedicated stations for 40 comprehensive sub-genres spanning the whole spectrum of rock and metal. If you love it, they’ll most probably have it.

7. Some great technical stuff in the app like option to select audio quality of the stream (to save bandwidth) and sleep timer ( to prevent you from draining your data plan while sleeping).

8. You can’t skip songs. Its like the old radio of our childhood without ads and the RJ. The quality of music is so amazing, you won’t even feel like skipping. 

I have been listening to this radio for the last few days. I already have more than 48 hours on my belt. I had lost my faith in modern day radio but thanks to this one, I am getting it back. Feels like I am back in the 60s and 70s and living in a world with great bands and awesome music. I have already found around 30 new bands from around the world that I am digging. Thank you Rockradio, developers and the curators. You are simply amazing! Please keep up the good work!

Feels like I’ve hit jackpot! And you should too. Totally! Dig in to music streams of incredible awesomeness. And don’t forget to spread the word if you love it -and I am quite sure you will.

\m/ ROCK ON \m/